Eden White is a living tornado of positive energy and brilliant musical talent. You haven’t lived until you’ve seen (and heard) her pound out one of her songs on a piano. Or you just think you’ve lived. So go listen. Eden is the real deal.”

– Dan Elish, Award Winning Novelist, Broadway Book Writer, Musician and Lyricist

Eden White’s music is smart, moving, witty, and wise. She writes the kind of intensely personal songs that lets you see deep into the songwriter – and find yourself reflected back.”

– Kitt Lavoie. Artistic Director of The Cry Havoc Company.

Eden White is the real deal! She represents the BEST of the ‘music business’. A true artist spirit who writes beautiful music from her beautiful soul.”

– Kevin Smith Kirkwood (kinky boots, Broadway original cast)

I had the pleasure of working as Eden’s background vocalist in the late 90’s. To this day, I have never met a talent like her. She is driven by instinct. And she is always spot on. She is always the one I will turn to if I am planning a musical project. I have met several people since. But none like her. Ever.”

– Kerry Flanagan. TV/Film Actor in NYC

Eden is one of the very few people with whom i have worked with that completely understood the music business from both sides of the fence (artist and label). She was beloved at Blue Note Records for her ability to relate to artists, her positive energy and how she greeted everyone with a smile.”

– Michael Harris. EVP Universal Music Group

“Working with Eden on a documentary film score was an amazing experience for me. I wasn’t expecting the energy, the enthusiasm, the passion and the talent (did I mention the intensity) that came pouring out of this tiny package. And the music was just incredible!”

– Doug Wood, Owner of Omni Music and Writer Co-Chair of the ASCAP board of directors

I am so lucky to have worked with Eden White. She pours such heart into every song and vocal. Her spirit and positivity is inspiring! Her Karma bank is overflowing.

– Jeffrey Lesser, Award-Winning Composer/Producer/Director

At WKPE,104.7, Music Director and Midday DJ Cat Wilson knew about White “You get all these CDs coming across your desk, and you keep hoping for something that has some backbone in it… When I got Eden’s, not only did it have backbone, but it had the meat to go with it. This is the fastest I’ve seen a song catch on from my show. It just exploded. ”

“It’s very rare that you get someone like Eden White ad do this well,” says Holguin (Virgin Megastore Buyer), “We were blown away by it. I figured she was going to do well, but not as well as she has done. That’s why we decided to put the CD in our listening station.”

– BILLBOARD, “With Fair Spot Caps Eden White’s Run of Good Luck”

Take for example, this your Massachusetss woman, Eden White, who’s no relation to me. She blows everyone else off the stage wherever she appears.”

– THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER, “Music To His Ears”, – Timothy White

This Is The Way…” leads it’s listeners like rats to the Pied Piper. It’s irresistibly catchy, unwavering muically, and undeniably entertaining…. White clearly deserves to be among the likes of Sarah McLachlan, Natalie Merchant and Tracy Bonham. At age 28, White shows the potential to blossom into the type of inspiring songwriter that record labels ought to be fighting over… after seeing her perform, it’s a safe bet you probably won’t need a music review to convince you to spend your hard-earned dollars to buy “This Is The Way”


White is an engaging New York newcomer who comes on like alaid-back cross between Shryl Crow and Tori Amos…. Her approach to lyrics is grategully poetic but direct- no self-in.dulgetnt clouds or impenetrable metaphors here… triple-A tastemakers should have a close listen..”


Q: I hear this summer’s Lilith Fair tour features some promising new singers. Is there anyone we should keep a special eye on? A: One is Eden White, 27, a singer-songwriter form Massachusetts who performed at the pre-tour concert in New York on June 2 and at a Lilith Fair concert in July 1998. She has been compared to Tori Amos for her songwriting and strong piano chops.”


Eden White and her band lived up to all the advance press. What Eden White may lack in stature, she more than makes up for in talent and personality. She has surrounded herself with a fine group of musicians who offer up the perfect accompaniment. She is a singer/songwriter/musician of the first degree. But, above all else, Eden White has been blessed with the voice of 10 and the heart and soul of 20!”


The Manhattan based pianist and songwriter has been getting rave notices for her recent release, “This Is The Way”. And her songs, which evoke the spirit of Tori Amos and Sarah MCLachlan, won her an opening slot on this year’s Lilith Fair lineup. White…came to the station’s (WLIR/92.7)attention serendipitously. At a Lilith Fair preview in Manhattan’s Bryant Park, Morey and Harlan Friedman spotted White and were blown away. The station started playing her, and now it’s giving Friday night to her alone.”


…crowds at CB GB’s Gallery went nuts for Eden White, a tiny little spitfire who emoted feverishly behind a keyboard and came across like Tori Amos with a sense of humor.”


Rhythm Rocker and Lilith newcomer Eden White turned out a well-tuned blitz of hook-centered, soul-sexy lyricism and witty bar grit…. “This Is The Way, a melodic sponge full of melodic acquiescence, well-placed piano crescendos and jazzy percussive action. …White gave the venue a taste of the band’s jazzier abilities by layering her playful vocal scales over smooth guitar chords…but, the hippest antics were housed in the yet-unreleased material. Cloaked in a more upbeat, hopeful view of working-class life, the newer songs were more dissonant and fiery, with a butane mix of elegant keyboard slides and in-yer-face lyricism. … It was a well-deserved encore from someone whom even this ol’headbanger enjoyed to the max.


This Summer a lot more people will know the power of the dreamy, melted butter-scotch quality of White’s music.”


(White’s) debut album, “This Is The Way” is steeped in sprite, piano-based melodies reminiscent of Carole King and early Elton John”.


White’s poetic lyrics transform the banal into the fascinating… Most songs on “This Is The Way’ deal with the singular, often painful realities of the human condition… Her voice, vulnerable yet bold, suggests that though she knows disasters lie ahead, she’s equally confident she’ll survive them intact, gaining a little wisdom along the way..”


Leading her youthful six-piece band from New York, White is a vibrant, engaging and resourceful performer, able to channel and focus her abundance of natural talents. Thesee apparently include her expressive vocals, a gift for crafting catchy melodies, a command of several keyboard idioms and styles and an ability to put forth her original material with a sense of conviction…”


White could easily be a one-woman show, with her skills as a singer, pianist, and guitarist …. She has an honesty and sweetness that comes through in all of her songs, no matter how bitter or ‘nice’ they are. Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars”


…Her direct approach is a nice contrast to the Kate Bush/Tori Amos wannabes who labor so hard to make their songs something only English majors can truly appreciate…”


White opened with “Try to Change You”, a poppy, upbeat song featuring her piano skills. The audience took an, instant liking to the song – eyes were raised from the bottom of empty plastic cups of beer to focus primarily on White… Throughout, she proved to be a classy performer “This is the Way” would be a worthy addition to anyone’s collection.”


Small wonder White has performed with the high priestess of Lilith, Sarah McLachlan, as well as opened up for her famous Fair at Jones Beach….White’s live renditions of these undeniably catchy songs boosted them (the recording) to the next level… featuring dynamic electric piano work and a rock solid backing band, White’s energy and enthusiasm is contagious…With powerful emotion conveyed not only through her sneering vocal delivery but through her jabbing staccato piano work, Ms. White’s vengeful ode to a spurned lover had some girls on the dance floor raising their fists in ‘right-on’ defiance. With performances such as this, Eden White may soon be remembering the good old days when she could play a club like the Dublin and actually see her audience.”


Anne Woolf apparently has her late husband Bob’s penchant for musical acts as well as athletes (the superagent who represented Larry Bird and Bobby Orr also repped New Kids on the Block and Boys 2 Men). When Woolf was in New York last week, she heard Eden White perform and invited her to sing at the Bob Woolf Sports Festival in Boston. Apparently Billboard magazine thinks a lot of White, too, recently calling her a cross between Sheryl Corw and Tori Amos.”


In a new era of women artists, Eden White has begun to surface and take her place among the ranks… this sweet, energetic musician has her feet just close enough tot he ground to not lose sight of her goals, but has her head just enough in the clouds to do what she loves…”

Rock’NRoll Reporter