“When I hear music, I fear no danger.
I am invulnerable.

― Henry David Thoreau
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About Eden White


Eden moved to New York from Massachusetts in 1993 where she held various day jobs while performing in small clubs at night. She earned a reputation as one of the area’s most engaging live performers playing the industry’s most venerable clubs up and down the east coast. Consequently, in 1995 her talents were recognized by the producers of the stage adapted Emmy award winning TV series, “School House Rock Live,” where she became the musical director. Soon thereafter, she was awarded a coveted performance slot in the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame Songwriter Showcase.

White managed to build a large fan base by selling out top venues, which supported the release of her critically acclaimed self-released EP “Here I Am.” By 1998 Eden was an established talent in New York City songwriting circles and was chosen as the winner of the prestigious New York City Lilith Fair Acoustic Talent Search. This opportunity, which included opening for Sarah McLachlan in Bryant Park and Lilith Fair itself at Jones Beach, led to an eventual record deal with Touchwood/Zero Hour and the release of her debut CD, “This is the Way.

Upcoming Project

Forty The Musical — A Slice of Midlife Crisis

Forty The Musical — A Slice of Midlife Crisis, follows sisters Catherine and Liza Kennedy on a journey from childhood to middle adulthood. Like most siblings, they couldn’t be more different. Catherine is dutiful and pleasing. Liza has a killer instinct and a burning desire to get ahead — of everyone. What they share is a yearning to live the lives they imagined since they were little girls.

Early in our story, we’re introduced to Ken Shames, the object of Catherine’s affection. To Catherine, settling down with Ken and leading a white picket existence is her idea of the perfect life. This dream confounds Catherine’s little sister, who views love as a weakness and men as an impediment to achieving success. Fast forward thirty years and Catherine has indeed gotten her man and Liza has climbed her way to the top. Well, almost. The only person standing between her and the top of the ladder is none other than her sister’s now-husband, Ken.