In addition to writing and performing, Eden White has produced a number of commercial jingles for radio, television and digital broadcast. As a singer/songwriter, White brings a unique talent and skill set to the commercial production arena, by crafting rich musical patterns that are lasting and memorable.

White produces everything from music beds to original lyrics that capture the essence of a brand. Each piece is customized according to the client’s direction and delivered in a timely manner. Eden White jingle production is cost effective and delivered in a timely fashion. Moreover, the client retains ownership of the music and lyrics upon delivery and acceptance of the final product.

Commercial jingle productions is provided in all requested lengths and formats – Bumpers, :15s; :30s; :60s. All music is written and recorded by Eden White. Nothing is sampled or tracked.

Below are three samples of original jingles.

Optimist Cafe
Play Song
KIOLI 60 Post Open
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Island Wellness 30 Music
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