This Is The Way

by Eden White

© Copyright – Delirium Records / Delirium Records (620953100024)

Female Piano-Pop-Rock-Soul. If you like Billy Joel, Elton John or Sheryl Crow, you’re bound to love this.

Genre: Pop, Piano
Release Date: 1998

1. Song Unsung3:58
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2. This Is The Way3:28
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3. Twisted4:25
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4. Gold3:32
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5. Let Me In4:20
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6. Hungry3:26
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7. Nice3:14
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8. Deep Inside4:52
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9. Make A Difference3:46
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10. Try To Change You3:59
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11. Through the Glass3:11
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Album Notes

Best described as ‘the Female Billy Joel at his best’, “This is the Way” was released in June of 1998 to critical acclaim by BILLBOARD MAGAZINE, PARADE MAGAZINE and HOLLYWOOD REPORTER.

Two months later, Eden White opened for Sarah McLachlan in Bryant Park, New York City, to an audience of 10,000 and ended up selling over 3,500 copies internationally – mostly due to word of mouth and east coast tours. Not bad for a record which was made on an $8,000 Master Card line of credit.

This record, consisting of 11 tracks from tear-inducing ballads like ‘Song Unsung’ to hard-funk grooves like ‘Hungry’, that won’t leave your brain, represents the musical continuum and leaves no stone unturned. “This is the Way” exemplifies Eden’s abilities not only as an awe-inspiring musician and vocalist, but as a phenomenal songwriter. Triple A tastemakers should NOT pass up a listen – she deserves to be huge.



Very Powerful Stuff
I heard the song, Song Unsung on the show Animorphs and since then i have been looking for the song. Its a great song and it has alot of depth and i hope i can find it somewhere.


Great songs; Speaks to your heart! 🙂
I first heard Let Me In and Song Unsung from the TV show, Animorphs. I loved them, and I searched ’til I found them They absoultly speak to your heart and soul, and paired with other elements, they almost made me cry! 🙂


An Awesome CD
It’s been 5 years and I still can’t stop listening to this CD. I can’t wait to see her LIVE again! The music video for ‘Try to Change You’ Is still fun to watch. Who was the director?

Katie Lynn

Eden White is amazing> the next big star!
Eden White’s CD “This is the Way” is the best CD I’ve heard in a long time! I recently pulled out the CD after purchasing it at a concert three years ago, and I fell in love with the songs all over again! There’s gorgeous ballads like “Let Me In” and “Through the Glass” that can bring you to tears!!… and then there’s upbeat fun songs like “Hungry” and “Nice”. My two personal favorites though are “Make a Difference” and “Try to Change You”. Her lyrics are absolutely amazing. They speak right to your heart… they are incredible. Eden White is the next big star. Her talent is incredible.

Jay Durand

very cool album… very good overall…
A very good album overall… I picked it up in the “cheap bin” at a record shop, and I’ve really gotten into it… I don’t want to BS and say that this is the best album I’ve ever heard… sometimes the lyrics are a little obvious, but the heart is there… I (usually) love her voice, although it can get a BIT harsh… but it’s good… it’s real… it’s not completely polished, but sounds very good… Song Unsung/This is the Way fit together very well, a very powerful way to begin the album, and there really aren’t any tracks that I skip over… Overall, it’s an excellent first album from an artist who obviously has boatloads of talent… I wish I could better express what I LIKED about the album, but it’s much more difficult to express… it’s just GOOD… Probably the best compliment I can give for the album is that as soon as the new one came out, I bought it…